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Family Reserve Olive Oil with Lemon Peel

• 6.8 oz. bottle

• 6-Pack (6 x 6.8 oz. bottle)
$10.99 per bottle - SAVE $6.00!

The fresh aroma and refreshing flavor of lemon with olive oil is an excellent dressing for fish, shellfish, rice dishes and salads. Regarded as one of the world's most creative chefs, Ferran Adrià's constant passion for creating new concepts, techniques and flavors has inspired him to use delicious olive oil in his world famous elBullirestaurante, a Michellin 3-star restaurant in Catalonia, Spain.

100% natural with no added preservatives, flavorings or colorings. High in monunsaturated fat, no cholesterol, no carbohydrates, no trans fat and gluten free.

OU Kosher Certified Kosher